Thursday, February 2, 2017

NaMoPaiMo - Day 2

Hello Again!

I'm very pleased to have painted today, day 2 of NaMoPaiMo! I usually paint at a snail's pace, and certainly not every day, so this may actually be some kind of record for me. I definitely need to thank Jennifer Buxton for the challenge and inspiration!

First, to answer a question from yesterday's blog, I found the address to purchase the dental micro brushes right on the container.

Another product that I can't live without are cheap, disposable, white cotton gloves. You don't want to wear these while pastelling, because they could pick up and smear pastels where you don't want them. You definitely do want to wear them on the hand that holds your piece while painting, however, as they prevent skin oils from adhering to your model. Search for "white cotton gloves" in your size on amazon. I bought mine in a group of twelve pairs at once. They wash well. 

I usually work SL-OW-LY, making careful decisions each step of the way. I'm trying to ramp it up this month during NaMoPaiMo. Perhaps I actually did not "do" all that much today, but I did make a lot of decisions. 

I added a large snip and blaze to my piece. White markings on a grey horse are always a different color from the body color. This is because a white horse that started out dark as a foal and progressively greyed will have black (dark grey) skin under almost all of the white hair. Any white face and leg markings present at birth on this horse will have pink skin underneath. 

I also decided to create a mixed grey mane and tail, with a darker area toward the withers and a lighter portion on the forelock. Today's work included some further pastel work on the face, and mane, plus further definition of some of the facial features and neck wrinkles with varying shades of grey paint. Finally, I started adding some very tiny fleabites with a dark grey prismacolor pencil. 

The last decision that I made today was to give my piece a name! I have named this horse Umberto, for the Italian author of the book, The Name of the Rose. 

From his shoulders forward, my piece, Umberto, is really starting to take shape. 

Join me next time to see his progress! 

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